ARDF with Arduino Nano READY !!!

Ready, just some test and soon available in 2 versions: 
PCB + Nano already flashed OR
Full mounted and tested (no box)


  1. Molto interessante!
    Quanto costa?
    E' possibile ordinarlo?

  2. Ciao, devo finire alcuni test e poi sarà acquistabile .
    Puoi mandarmi una mail a jackdev23 at
    Il costo Full mounted and tested (no box) = 120 euro
    Servono 4 antenne attacco SMA e un ricevitore o rtx non forniti :)

  3. Bello!
    Dal video vedo che è interfacciato al computer, il software è proprietario?
    Viene fornito?
    E quello per l'Arduino?
    Ciao e grazie.

  4. Ciao Marco, il software per pc è gratuito e scaricabile qui
    Il software per arduino è propietario, fornisco a richiesta arduino nano già programmato a 20 euro

  5. Hello I am PA3BNX the writer of the SoundDoppler software.

    Can the antenna switcher disconnected from
    the main board or must I use 4 coax cables. One to each antenne of same
    length ?
    And does it disconnect the antenna and cable so it does not reflect or absorbs antenna energy and disturbs RF field from the near doppler array field ?

  6. Hello PA3BNX, glad to hear from you :)
    As you can see in the pcb pictures, you can break the pcb in 2 parts: logic and switches.
    If you like to use switches part remotely, you need 4 wire (not coax) to control the switches + 1 coax cable to connect te RX . Clearly, you have to connect 4 antennas with same coax cable length to switches board.
    Switches disconnect antenna in off state = does NOT go to 50 ohms load.
    Hope this help,
    let me know.
    Ciao Luca

  7. PA3BNX

    The antenna's not terminated if not connected to reciever
    so they don't eat and distort the local RF field.

    Can I also disconnect the coax shield if I use 4x dipoles as array?

    Beause a disconnected dipole just connected to the coax
    eats / influences the near RF field by just the Dipole half + coax cable shield

    Any element that resonates influcences the near array RF wave front.
    Thats highly unwanted situation.

    This does not occur with 4 monopoles of 1/4 wave length of course.
    If they have sufficient ground plate around them so they are also

    Nice project further


    PA3BNX Lodewijk

  8. Hello Lodewijk
    I think you can find all the answer by checking the datasheets of AS169
    If you like, send me an email and I will send you a pcb or whatever you need to test my little projects :)


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