Macros Update

If you are using I-Psk31 or IRTTY for Iphone you have NOT a macro button,
but you must Double tap on waterfall.
In macros you can write everything.
If you write ### ,it will be replaced by a copy of pasteboard.
To put something in pasteboard go in received text window,
hold finger then select and copy.
Hope this help,
73 Luca


  1. Nice idea, but you should sell an hardware interface as well

  2. Thank you for your suggestion but there are already many people that sell it. Check ebay :)
    Thank you again

  3. Hi Luca,

    thanks for your App. Which one is the one you care about most? IRtty or Multimode?

    It's difficult to send a macro because you have to leave the receive view and so cannot time the transmitting on iPhone. Are there plans to access the macros in the receive view?

    How to leave the macro view without sending?

    btw: In the macro view the texts for copy and paste are in italian but I my iPhone is set to another language.

    Will it be possible to send the letters while typing?

    73! Martin

  4. Hello Martin, at the moment I'm working on morse dec and with the new release (already submitted to Apple) I solved the macro view problem. Italian language solved too.
    It is NOT possible sending letter meanwhile you type, because UITEXTFIELD
    in IPhone is made to receive a string and, on exit, it sends the string to TX procedure...
    I'm studyng to make RTTY more flexible with different baudot and tones, for sure I'll
    take the last improvement made in morsedec to all my apps.
    Stay tuned

  5. Hi Luca,

    thanks for your reply!
    I'm looking forward to the new release!

    73! Martin

  6. I downloaded the MorseDec ap to my iPad. It worked for one evening BUT now the next. day. I can't get it out of the Tx mode, What am I doing wrong ???

    1. MorseDec is NOT for IPad, I submitted yesterday to Apple MorseDecP for IPad.
      I hope it will be ready for download next week.
      Anyway, try to delete the app and download it again.
      Hope this help,

    2. Thanks, Luca. I will anxiously await it.

    3. I am sorry. I meant iPod not iPad. I did delete it and tried reinstalling it but it still only shows a Tx mode.

    4. I really do not figure out the problem.
      Could you send me e picture of the screen?
      My email is
      Thank you :)

  7. Hi Luca,

    I am running morsedec on my ipod touch and got an update yesterday. Before the update it was working fine but now I get no spectrum display on the scope.

    Has something changed?

  8. Hello,
    The problem is the new IOS5 that changes memory management and has some bugs.
    I'm working on a new version BUT need time...
    You should wait for the new release (I'm working on it now)
    or I can refound the price of Morsedec by paypal.
    I don't see other solution,
    I'm so sorry.

  9. Hi Luca,

    No problems I am happy to wait as it is a great program. The update I referred to was a morsedec update no iOS update.



  10. Thank you Scott,
    I'll do my best to solve the problem soon.
    Take care

  11. Today I submitted to Apple a new release, hope this solve the problem. Thank you all!!!

  12. In the RTTY App, sending K7ZRZ gets transmitted as K7"RZ. it is the same for any string which contains the "7" followed by the letter "Z" this makes it impossible for me to use in transmit. The iPad is on 5.0.1

    Hope a new release is coming soon, nas it's been this way for months now. Thanks, Brian K7ZRZ

  13. Hello, I know this problem.
    I'm working on a new release more powerful and I think to finish
    in few weeks (or less) . Stay tuned,
    Thank you Luca

  14. Luca, since the last update Morsedec isn't working anymore.
    Macros and TX is ok, but no more decoding.
    Its always empty, as if it doesn't hear anymore.
    Please fix!

  15. Hello, I know the problem. It's a bug of the new comelier , I'm working on it. Soon I'll release a new update. Thank you Luca

  16. I'm glad to find this website. I've enjoyed MorseDec on my iPod Touch and I just got the new iPad Friday March 16. When setting up the new iPad, I had it restore to my iPod touch, which transferred MorseDec to the iPad. MorseDec worked on the iPad! I then loaded MorseDecP for the iPad and payed for it and downloaded it to my new iPad. It does not work. I then noticed an update of MorseDec for my iPod is available. Uploaded it and now that does not work. It looks like you are on top of it Luca. I will wait for the next fix or maybe you could go back to the old working version of MorseDec until you get things in order. Thank you Dave

  17. Hello Dave,
    I am working hard to fix this problem. It' s due to the new compiler from Apple. I use the same code, but with the new compiler there are on some devices this trouble.
    Soon I will release a new upgrade for iPod and if it solves the problem I'll go to IPad.
    REALLY REALLY SORRY for this !!!!!!

  18. Hello everybody,
    I have submitted yesterday to Apple a new release.
    I guess the problem is the receiver text view, so I changed it.
    I think in a week will be available for download.
    Let me know,
    Thank you again

  19. hello
    I purchased 7 days ago morsedec
    because 5.01 firmware not work with iphone

  20. Yes, I SOME devices it doesn't work.
    It's a bug of Apple's compiler. I'm waiting
    for the fix...SORRY.
    I'm doing my best to solve the problem...

  21. Hi Luca, I know you are busy with this problem and it must be frustrating. I add the following in case it may be useful: My iPod Touch will not allow me to download the latest MorseDec version 1.4 as it says "it requires a newer version of iPod software". Apple says my software version 4.2.1 for my iPod Touch is the current version. MorseDec loads on to my iPad okay, but still does not work. (MorseDecP does not work on my iPad as well). I still think it would be great if you could go back to the earlier version that worked okay.
    Good luck and thanks for your efforts. Dave

  22. Hello Dave,
    I think you are right. I am developing a new audio engine based on older versions.
    I guess soon I'll release it. For sure, on my IPod and IPad everything work fine.
    Apple before to release my updates checks them, and Apple too have seen NO troubles....
    Anyway, I am working hard to solve it. Thank you again, Luca

  23. volevo sapere ancora non funziona con il firmware 5.01
    comi si puo' fare dato che non posso aggiornarlo alla versione 5.1 fammi sapere grazie

  24. Ciao, ora MorseDec versione 1.5 funziona sulla versione IOS 5.1
    Non ho capito la domanda. Se vuoi mandami una mail e ti do' il mio cellulare o skype così ci sentiamo e mi spieghi. Luca

  25. Hello Luca
    I today downloaded the IRTTY On my iPhone 4S
    5.1.1 it is there but am not finding its icon
    I can only find it with the search
    Any remedy?
    73, ELIE OD5KU

  26. Hello :)
    You should delete the app, reboot iPhone and download it again.
    Unfortunately, I'm not sure this will work because it depends of IOS.
    Hope this help
    73 IW2NDH Luca


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