MorseDec tone recognition troubles on Palm Paddle IR (SOLVED)

Trouble :
some problems with tone recognition of my Palm Paddle IR:
Sound generator works: generator.m4a
Palm paddle does not work: PalmPaddle.m4a


Generator use a 680 Hz tone
and Palm Paddle a 2340 Hz tone.
Generally CW tone range in HF is between 500 and 1000 Hz (you can try listening with your radio in CW mode)
so I decide to limit the input from 250 Hz to 1300 Hz.
This is not a problem, but a choice to make more comfortable to tune cw signals.

Further check and Solution (THANKS Holger!):
I've experimented a bit and looked at the spectrograms of the buzzer.
Naturally, the palm piezo has no clear sinus wave.
The choosen frequency occurs only as a weak side line.
This seems to be the reason why your software did not respond.
The microphone of the headset brings this weak signal in now.
73 de Holger / DO7CW


  1. I have MorseDecP program, and a vox interface in a ft817
    Will the program send morse code via interface. What settings on the ft817 must be used in order to send cw - thanks tom

  2. Hello Tom,
    I can't help you because I never used 817 . Generally you can make a VOX with a relay that open/close the key for CW (you should find the inlet CW jack).
    Hope this help

  3. Dear Luca
    I have used the Decoder function of the program successfully.however trying to send morse code I dont get any further because there is only the option to cancel the written text but not to send it
    What am I doing wrong?
    Regards Klaus

  4. Hello Klaus,
    cancel button is for close the TX window. Morsedec just translates every char in morse code in real time i.e. you write a letter and it sends soon the sound. If you hear nothing please check volume and don't use any interface, just you device. Hope this help :)
    73 Luca

  5. I downloaded the more Morse decode program open it up and it automatically closes on me I cannot even use it what's wrong with this thing I'm using an iPhone 6 there shouldn't be any issue but I cannot even open the software .
    Where is the customer service link the only link I found to the creators website was shut down .

  6. Hi Dan, ONLY you can ask for a refund to Apple.
    Regards, Luca


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