Interface between IPhone / IPod and RTX can made by a standard Digital Mode Interface.
You can buy one on e-bay or make it by youself. 
Genarally, these interfaces come with 2 stereo jack, one for audio in (mic) and one for audio out (speaker).

Last step, you must wire the 2 stereo jack in one 4 pin jack. Only for reference, the picture above show you the pinout of an IPhone.


  1. While the above diagrams will likely work they are missing an important detail in that the Iphone/Ipad REQUIRES a 1K resistance across the MIC input to tell it that it is being used as an input.

    I have found a commercial cable for $30 that gives line level input via a 1/8" mini plug with the proper 1K installed and audio out via a 1/8 " stereo out put mini jack. These can be found at:


    Then you couple this to a Tigertronics SignaLink SL-1+ which gives full send and receive isolation plus level controls for both input and output plus PTT! this can be found at:


    This is all small and light weight and can be had for about $100. It is all plug and play and requires no building at all. I have tested it and found that it has no issues at all!


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