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Dsp Noise Reduction with: 7 Filters, Auto-Notch, SSB SQUELCH, OLED DISPLAY, plug&play

 **NEW VERSION 1.3 **** THE ONLY DSP YOU'LL EVER NEED. NOW WITH AUTO-NOTCH !  ( ) With a highly optimized algorithm for noise canceling and 7 digital filters this DSP is all you need for your radio whatever it is (Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood or Drake). OUTSTANDING DESIGN In 50x100 mm you have a complete DSP with sofisticated Noise reduction, digital filters near perfect, Auto Notch and SSB Squelch. EXTERNAL VERSION PLUG&PLAY with: 2 tactiles buttons;  OLED display;  Audio amplifier LM386;  2 audio jack 3.5 mm; Power Jack; ON/OFF switch . Just ready to be always with you at home or field days. Check some videos here Bandpass filters are : 550/850, 450/950, 300/1300, 300/2400, 300/2700 Hz APF Q9 APF Q28 BOX NOT INCLUDED    more info and orders here

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